The Brilliance at Brasil Gemland

Natural, Brazilian, Colored Gems

When we dig and search in pegmatite and find a gem rock, it's a fantastic feeling.

Millions of years ago the rock was formed in a singular geological event. The stone has been sitting there in endless silence waiting for the day to reveal itself.

There is a magical encounter when we reach and touch such creations.

At Brasil Gemland, we value mining for gemstones. The investment is high. The time factor is costly as workers go deeper underground.

However, the reward is there after many complex stages and excavating.

We have a crucial advantage by having access to the earliest stage of rough material. Our network with miners gives us the freedom and flexibility to handle gems from the source.

Brasil Gemland offers emeralds from well known sources and maintains and reinforces sustainable practices in commercial relationships.

We can predesign shapes, sizes and different cuts and supply from a vertical business structure. From the mine to the capable hands of designers and jewelers around the world, we share natural, precious and colorful creations.

Gems, Beauty and Inspiration

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About Us

Coupled with the flexibilty of meeting customized orders, the high demando n the quality of its cuts, Brasil Gemland aquired loyal customers. Its reputation extends through the generations, not only by its management, but also by the customers and its final buyers.

Besides supplying to Other dealers in the segment domestically the company sells to jewelers, goldsmiths, designers and wholesalers of gems in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Brasil Gemland has been participating in tradeshows in the USA for decades, as well as collaborating Germany and Hong Kong.

Emerald green is a color of Inspiration

All colors in gems have their own qualities and beauty. Historically, the green Emerald has lured the human eye. Emeralds have been placed on crowns of kings and queens throughout many empires. A stone that compliments the beauty and fashion productions holding value and great investment.

Associated with eternity and abundant renewal, emerald green is an inspiration to Brasil Gemland as we grow, rejuvenate and adapt as a family business.

As a company, we are committed to excellent work ethics and transparency, building fruitful and inviting relationships. Working closely to such precious green gems is an uplifting gift.