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Bicolor Tourmaline

The Color Gems Instigate The Soul
Gems of many colors are like the blooming flowers in the spring ... they touch our inner soul.

When we get a rough stone we try to decipher its interior.

The rough often seems unimpressive or sleepy.

Yet, by reaching out into our imagination and dreams, something happens.

As we turn and look under different angles and lights, the stone speaks to us.

The cutter comes into action and begins a transformation process.

After removing the obscure surfaces and sawing off the edges, the lights and colors begin to radiate like a sunrise in the horizon.

Life begins to emerge from within the stone and its shape materializes.

A decisive cut determines the ideal position of the table and brilliant colors flourish.

A connection is made between vision and heart.

The precious stone is born.

Faceted and polished, the stone smiles at you every time.